A cinecircolo is a place where people can meet, watch movies and afterwards have a free discussion. Historically this kind of place was created by the Church. During the ‘60s the Church was responsible for deciding what type of movie could go to festivals like Venice and Cannes, and which films needed to be censored. The creation of these places helped facilitate discussion between audience and director and allowed audiences to view the movie without censorship.1

During the month of November 2018, the Atrium, 1156 Chapel Street 2 was converted to host a cinecircolo every Thursday with the subject of the Mafia. The movies selected were: Il Divo by Paolo Sorrentino, La Mafia Uccide solo d’Estate by Pif, Goodfellas by Martine Scorsese and Gomorra by Matteo Garrone.

1. from 'Sour Cornelia', in the Videomobile at Manifesta12 in Palermo 2018

2. Yale School of Art in New Haven